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Sam Quattrocchi
(443) 831-2440

Vic Speroni
Director of Helicopter Maintenance
(614) 486-9309

Clarence E. Wissinger
Vice President Finance and Administration
(614) 486-8994

Mike Jennings

Dan Mattesion
Regional Field/Operations Manager

Bill Skrobutz
Regional Field Manager

Experienced, Professional, Dedicated

Since 1960 NOVCO has been controlling brush, weeds, and woody vegetation for utilities, commercial business and government enterprises all over the United States. Headquartered in Columbus, OH and known as a pioneer in industrial vegetation management, we are dedicated to our customers and guarantee our work with a money-back commitment.

NOVCO and Helicopter Minit-Men are pioneers in the herbicide management business. We offer comprehensive solutions for your specific need. Contact us today for a free estimate.
Phone: (614) 486-8994
Email: info@novcoinc.com